GAERNE CARBON G.KONA TRI Cycling Shoes (Carbon Sole 3615-004) - White | SALE

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Gaerne Carbon Kona Triathlon Cycling Shoes are lightweight and comfortable making them the ideal shoes for Triathlon events. 

 UPPER/AIR VENTILATION SYSTEM: This one-piece frontal section minimizes stitching in order to provide the most comfortable fit. While the Innovative laser perforations guarantee maximum breathability of the foot and water expulsion. The internal in-step Mesh provides optimal stability and support. 

 CLOSURE SYSTEM: Double Velcro closure to allow for quick adjustment while riding and during transition

 HEEL CUP: All-new injection-molded plastic anatomic heel cup will not deform or weaken. Anti-tendonitis form with internal non-slip treatment for the best foot stability and control. Reflective inserts provide maximum visibility in low-light conditions. Rear loop allows for quick entry and is extremely practical during transition

 TRANSPIRANT INNER SOLE: Made with special anatomic design conforming to the foot for optimal comfort. Features micro-perforations for ventilation. Removable.

GAERNE EPS FULL CARBON LIGHTWEIGHT SOLE 10.0 has afull carbon sole “GAERNE EPS LIGHT WEIGHT FULL CARBON SOLE 10.0 ” guarantees absolute lightness and rigidity. The ultra-thin thickness of the carbon allows the foot to be positioned at a minimal distance from the pedal, thus allowing maximum power while pedaling without loss of energy. Two channels positioned in the sole ensure perfect ventilation to the foot during use. Non-slip rubber inserts in the front and back of the sole provide security while walking. The rear insert is replaceable. Sole is compatible with 3-bolt "Look-style" cleats.