2024 GAERNE CARBON G.DARE MTB Shoes - Black | 3860-001

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GAERNE Carbon DARE is a high-performance mountain bike cycling shoe designed with precision and attention to detail. The upper is made of perforated microfiber, which allows for excellent breathability and a comfortable climate for the rider's foot. GAERNE CARBON G.DARE features a DUAL FITTING CLOSURE SYSTEM, which allows for precise, fast, and personalized closure without any pressure points. This system includes two independent BOA Dial L6 Z, which are designed for speed, precision, performance, and motion. 

BOA L6 DIAL Z is a premium aerodynamic dial providing an uncompromised performance and precision fit.

GAERNE CARBON G.DARE also features TSS technology "Tarsal Support System," which ensures the perfect position of the foot inside the shoe, resulting in a more efficient pedal stroke. Additionally, there is an all-new integrated anti-slip heel cup that will not deform or weaken over time, providing stability and support for the rider.

EPS Light Weight Carbon Fiber MTB sole is a result of combining Gaerne technology with Michelin's expertise. This sole is designed to provide the right balance of performance, durability, strength, and lightweight. The sole's structure is made of carbon, which ensures excellent stiffness and power transfer during pedaling.

Additionally, the Michelin rubber tread is specifically designed to balance performance and abrasion resistance in even the most extreme conditions. The tread's design profile provides excellent grip and traction, while the large distance between treads allows for better self-cleaning and instant mud shedding. 

EPS Light Weight Carbon Fiber MTB sole is designed to meet the demands of serious mountain bikers who require a high level of performance and durability from their footwear. The use of carbon fiber and Michelin rubber technology provide optimal power transfer, grip, and traction in various terrains, while also being lightweight and durable.