2024 GAERNE LAMPO MTB/GRAVEL Cycling Shoes Green - 3870-010

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GAERNE G.LAMPO MTB CYCLING is crafted with soft and perforated microfiber to enhance the breathability properties of the shoe. The closure system features a micro-adjustable BOA L6 reel making it easy to adjust the fit and ensure a constant holding, without any pressure points. 

UPPER: The upper is made entirely of soft and perforated microfiber to enhance the lightweight and breathability properties of the shoe. 

G.AIR VENTED system guarantees maximum ventilation thanks to the important presence of holes of variable diameter, studied on the entire external and internal side of the shoe up to the front and on the tongue.

CLOSURE SYSTEM: Micro adjustable BOA L6 DIAL C reel, together with 5 laces guides positioned on a large area of the upper, guarantees a uniform closure and a constant seal, without any pressure points. The circular part of the BOA reel is made of soft rubber to ensure an excellent grip during use.

INTEGRATED ANTI SLIP HEEL CUP: All-new integrated anti-slip heel-cup will not deform or weaken. With its anti-tendonitis form, it allows for the best foot stability and control.

TRANSPIRANT INSOLE: Made with a special anatomic design conforming to the foot for optimal comfort. Features micro-perforations for ventilation. Removable.

SOLE: Direct from the Research and Development Team at Gaerne comes the new “MTB 2DENSITY SOLE 7.0”. A new sole designed specifically for Mountain Bike use. The structure of the sole combines both nylon and fiberglass materials, making it durable, lightweight, and thin. The tread has been designed to ensure maximum grip/stability and has excellent resistance to varying types of terrain. Two removable front studs give this shoe improved traction in variable and muddy terrains.